Great New Video on Vax "Court"

Why is the debate still raging over whether vaccines cause autism? One of the main reasons is the complete liability protection Congress gave vaccine manufacturers and doctors back in 1986 in the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Act. Almost every legal right guaranteed by both the Constitution and a thousand years of Anglo-American jurisprudence were stripped away from those injured by vaccines. 

Our friends at the Canary Party just released a brilliant 5-minute video narrated by actor Rob Schneider that puts this gross miscarriage of justice in a nutshell. Watch it at:

Congress will hold hearings beginning in November on the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. Please help us educate Congress and their staffs by clicking on the Take Action link above to send a message, including a link to the video, to your Representative and US Senators.;queueid=%5Bcapwiz%3Aqueue_id%5D

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