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Autism Action Network News

23/09/2013, 12:10
     A widely publicized study released in 2003 claimed that mercury in vaccines played no role in causing autism because the rate of...
16/09/2013, 13:03
CBS Reports on Death of Alex Spourdalakis The corporate media is finally beginning to report on the complexities of the death of Alex Spourdalakis, the...
16/09/2013, 12:56
Take Action: Ask Congress to Compel the CDC to Release OUR Information. Ignoring Freedom of Information Requests for EIGHT years Please click on...
16/09/2013, 12:50
Why is the debate still raging over whether vaccines cause autism? One of the main reasons is the complete liability protection Congress gave vaccine...

AAN Community Poll

Will people with autism lose their diagnosis and services as a result of the DSM5?

Yes - 76.9%
No - 23.1%

Total votes: 13
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